We Are Guides, Not Order Takers

Even the world’s best eDiscovery tools are only as effective as the experts using them. That’s why Advanced Discovery invests in the most experienced legal and technology specialists in the field—seasoned guides who’ve handled thousands of high-stakes, time-sensitive, high-volume matters involving multinational and multijurisdictional discovery.

Why we call them “guides”

eDiscovery customers tell us they don’t just want order takers; they want experts to proactively recommend the best approach to get the job done. Advanced Discovery specifically fosters and nurtures this type of independent thinking because it directly supports our mission of helping clients “find what matters—when it matters.”

All the ingredients for successful outcomes

Mastery of Tools: Our expert advisors have over 200 Relativity Certifications. In fact, nearly 20% of all Relativity Masters worldwide work for Advanced Discovery—more than any other eDiscovery company. And we know the enhanced tools inside and out because we’ve built them.

Quality Control: Through every step of the project, Advanced Discovery helps validate your workflow and communicate considerations as well as recommend best practices based on our experience. Our proven processes and patent-pending QC oversight mean faster turnaround without sacrificing quality. Our two-phase quality process includes a proprietary, patent-pending QC application to perform quality control checks throughout the project.

Vertical Expertise: Our deep knowledge of the types of documents generated in different industries—and how they are typically used and stored—saves you significant time and expense in the discovery process. Our specialty areas include Energy, Construction, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Government Litigation and more.


Dedicated Teams Ensure Consistent and Accurate Delivery

Each engagement will typically involve the following team members:

Consultant: Our consultants have legal and/or technical backgrounds, including qualified lawyers and Relativity Masters.

Digital Forensic Consultant: Experienced at collecting in the field and remotely, and have developed solutions for forensic collection from a variety of different data sources.

Project Manager: Your day-to-day contact. Where possible, you will be allocated the same project manager for every engagement. All are Relativity Certified Administrators.

Processing Technician: Responsible for processing the data and either importing into Advanced Discovery’s Intelligent Vault or exporting as a load file for your own in-house tool.

Review Manager: Our experienced review managers can assemble a team of experienced contract lawyers to assist in the review of documents as required.

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