The Value of Being Prepared

Improving your chances of successful litigation begins long before there’s a matter at hand. You need a well-crafted, thorough Playbook that provides predictability and defensibility—and can be immediately issued to counsel (in-house and outside) at the onset of a case to help ensure the best possible outcomes.  The Playbook serves as a centralized, online resource that improves communication and efficiency and enables disparate teams to align their efforts to achieve success.

Your Advanced Playbook System SM includes:

  • Data Source Inventory
  • Preservation Standards & Legal Holds
  • Collection Standards
  • Processing & Review Standards (Workflows & Technology)
  • Production Standards

To create and tailor the Playbook to best fit your litigation objectives, Advanced Discovery’s project team works with our subject matter experts across a range of disciplines to assess your litigation profile and organizational culture—as well as how and by which departments new matters are created.

We then deliver a comprehensive and practical step-by-step manual, including templates for interviews and collection, that prepares you for matters that may arise.

Our Litigation Readiness Approach Covers:

Key Business & IT Interviews
We work with counsel to identify key business and IT personnel who will be able to provide insight into potential data sources, standard uses, business workflows, and more.  The goal of this is to understand where data is stored and how it moves throughout various systems and the organization.

Data Source Identification (Data Map)
We document the various information sources and how data moves both inside and outside of the organization—with input and direction from counsel and IT. This enables counsel and their teams to quickly focus on data sources that are most likely to include information potentially relevant to the case, while ensuring sensitive information including PII is properly protected.

Review of Retention Policies
Retention policies must be routinely evaluated so that Counsel can guide legal holds appropriately.  This must be done after initial interviews and data source identification so that the flow of information is considered in conjunction with the applicable policy(s). Our consultants can help assess current documentation and provide recommendations for improvement as appropriate.

Review Current Litigation Response Plan (Preservation Standards)
Working with Counsel, IT and business unit leaders, we assess current activities and approaches, and outline a comprehensive response plan to improve efficiency, minimize the impact on daily business, and promote thoroughness and accuracy.

Review Currently Issued Litigation Hold(s)
Understanding the landscape of ongoing litigation and investigations helps to ensure that recommendations won’t increase counsel’s obligations in other matters, or add unnecessary complexity to existing matters. Our expert guides consider the impact of each proposed change, and offer transitional solutions to allow improvements to be implemented with minimal impact.

Advanced Playbook Systems in Action

Advanced Playbook Systems can store reference documents (e.g., evidence handling guidelines, data transfer standards, etc.) as well as templates in Word, Excel and PDF formats. Version control allows clients to retain a historical point of reference and provide update alerts to users via the Playbook space homepage.

These documents are available for quick reference, sharing, and download. Templates can be designed for local use, and include necessary instructions for subsequent handling. For example, the interview template shown here can be downloaded from Advanced Playbook Systems, opened and used on a tablet or other mobile device.



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