Protecting Your Critical Data Assets

With threats such as ransomware, viruses and spear phishing becoming all-too-frequent —and as the average cost of a data breach reaches millions of dollars per incident—your approach to cybersecurity must be thorough, enterprise-wide and ever vigilant.

Advanced Discovery’s team of certified cybersecurity and data privacy experts provides a full range of services to audit, optimize and continuously protect your organization’s data. In addition to your core IT operation, we also assess and protect you in the newest and fastest-growing risk areas, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and management and Remote Workforces.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Services


IT Systems Audit Services  

With decades of experience in information security, hardware and software development and networking, Advanced Discovery’s forensic and technology experts will deliver a complete analysis and recommendations based on your current cybersecurity posture. Our team:

  • Uses best-in-class applications and methods to assess your IT infrastructure
  • Identifies possible vulnerabilities
  • Provides recommendations to address the most serious threats

Our audit report provides you with an actionable, step-by-step playbook that ensures maximum protection and prevention. Important security concerns will be addressed in technical, administrative and procedural areas, including whether computer systems are adequately protected; proper security controls are in place; and whether additional security measures are necessary. The reports demonstrate to key stakeholders—including boards of directors—that appropriate care is being taken to ensure the company’s assets and reputation are safeguarded, and provide critical insight into areas requiring attention.

Data Incident Investigation & Response  

In the event of a cybersecurity incident such as a ransomware attack or computer virus, Advanced Discovery’s expert first responders react immediately—either virtually or on-site as required– to:

  • Perform a critical, time-sensitive investigation of your systems
  • Provide analysis of the events and their impact
  • Analyze affected data to uncover details of the incident
  • Recommend next steps for remediation
  • Assist with security planning and training

Specific determinations include:

  • Whether PII/PHI was compromised or stolen
  • The number of customers affected
  • Locations of affected customers
  • Jurisdictions involved

Once the matter is well in hand, we help identify vulnerabilities and offer strategies for long-term remediation—and also assess your notification requirements in order to develop and implement an appropriate notification response.

Penetration Testing  

By thinking and acting like hackers, Advanced Discovery’s experts identify vulnerabilities in web applications and services, wireless networks and networked systems–then report our findings in an accessible, readable format, including recommended security countermeasures to reduce or eliminate risk.

We can also assess the security of new systems and technologies and assist you in identifying compliance issues that may compromise your overall security posture.

Data Destruction  

Keeping and storing outdated data—including customer, employee or patient information—is a proven liability for organizations of all sizes. That’s why an effective Information Governance plan must include data destruction policies and processes to ensure proper disposal of decommissioned or unnecessary devices and information.

Advanced Discovery’s experts provide on-site or off-site analysis, consultation and recommendations regarding best practices, including the most cost effective methods of destruction. We also perform physical and virtual data destruction in accordance with applicable regulations and standards. Certificates of Destruction can also be provided at the conclusion of the engagement.

Data De-identification  

According to regulations in various industries and jurisdictions, companies may only provide customer (or patient) data to third parties after it has been de-identified to ensure anonymity of individuals.

Advanced Discovery’s Data De-identification experts provide on-site or off-site de-identification services, including:

  • Consultation and assessment
  • Data analysis
  • Recommendations on the most efficient and cost-effective methods of de-identification
  • Actual de-identification
  • Delivery of certificates of de-identification

Cybersecurity Case Study

MEET: David Grant, JD, CISP/U.S.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Expert

David Grant is Advanced Discovery’s Director of Privacy, providing guidance on the proper collection, maintenance and disposal of PII and PHI. He has managed the international transfer of data in accordance with applicable regulations, and has ensured compliance with current privacy standards for both U.S. and European entities. David is a former prosecutor, criminal investigator and civil trial attorney.

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