Independent Expertise to Maximize Technology ROI

Today’s General Counsel (GCs) and their teams have an increasingly prominent role in managing risk for the businesses they support; they must continually monitor global operations to understand key risks the business faces today and in the future. In this challenging environment, the efficient selection, use and optimization of the right technologies are essential.

However, the ever-increasing and sometimes confusing array of legal tools and platforms—account for estimated expenditures in the U.S. market alone of $3 billion annually—creates a significant challenge for GCs and heads of legal operations who have a limited budget, no spare resources and an often over worked IT department for whom the Legal Department is simply not a priority.

Vendor-Agnostic Technology Experts

Advanced Discovery’s vendor-agnostic legal technology experts guide you through the process above of defining, selecting, designing and implementing key legal technologies, including:

  • Matter management
  • Legal e-Billing
  • Document management
  • Contract management and analytics
  • Document assembly
  • Internal time tracking
  • eDiscovery and legal hold
  • Records management
  • Compliance management
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics

Because we are not aligned with any technology vendor, we can recommend and help you implement the best possible solutions for your organization—and ensure maximum return on investment.

Stakeholder Engagement – Putting Technology to Work

We understand the challenges of getting internal buy-in to the costs and return on investment of a new system, as well as the change management required to make any operational implementation successful.  Our team has many years of experience working side-by-side with lawyers, corporate IT teams, consultants and technologists to successfully roll out technologies as well as educate stakeholders on the benefits of your chosen solution by:

  • Developing and implementing communication strategies and plans
  • Determining ongoing support requirements, roles and responsibilities
  • Demonstrating return on investment

Improving Operational Effectiveness

Advanced Discovery advises you on how to achieve an optimal operational model providing best-in-class value added and efficient service levels to the business and optimizing relationships with external legal providers. In particular, we identify areas of overspend and provide guidance on how technology can be used to better manage external law firms and legal outsource providers.

These services include:

  • External spend assessments
  • Reviewing relationships with legal providers
  • Balancing cost savings with retaining value for money
  • Innovative billing arrangements—getting away from the hourly rate
  • Panel optimization and consolidation—right panel/right firms
  • Added value provision—such as training and secondments



  • Change Management
  • Business/Team Readiness
  • Communication Strategy


  • Panel and Spend Management
  • Process and Resource Optimization


  • Review and Audit
  • Requirements and Business Case / ROI
  • System Implementation




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