Our Patented Solution to Predict and Reduce Risk

As regulatory environments become increasingly complex, inadvertent violation of critical regulations becomes an increasingly likely possibility, regardless of the scale and scope of any company.  This places a high value on your ability to proactively identify and respond to risks—before they impact the business.

This intelligent risk management capability is at the core of our Riskcovery® platform.  Riskcovery is a patented, proprietary technology that uses advanced analytics to become your early warning risk smoke detector:

  • Assess samples of your organization’s documents and communications for possible compliance, ethics and procedural issues
  • Alert corporate governance and other key stakeholders with fact-based insight to proactively identify and respond to risk in advance of litigation

Riskcovery is built on industry-leading, AI-powered, conceptual analytics technology—this means it can accurately capture abstract meanings of written communications, regardless of language and without the need for time-consuming manual intervention.

Built-in portability means the platform can be used on-demand within our highly secure environment or behind your firewall for optimal control.

How Riskcovery Works  

Unlike TAR platforms, which attempt to control costs during the review stage, Riskcovery is intended to proactively reduce collection of non-relevant information, far upstream from review and analysis. This means reduced cost and complexity and faster time-to-detection of relevant trends and potential risk within an organization.  And reusable conceptual searches allow for repeat triage – saving time and money.

Riskcovery Case Study - Sexual Harassment Taxonomy

The Issue

A corporate client received a complaint from a former employee claiming that she had
been harassed by her supervisor. The complaint alleged that the supervisor would email
and text at all hours asking for the employee to meet him for non-work related reasons.

There were also allegations that the supervisor was using inappropriate language and
offering raises and promotions if she complied with his advances.

Our Approach

In less than three hours, Advanced Discovery ingested 37.4 GB of text messages and email into its patented Riskcovery conceptual analytics platform. The communications were sorted into conversations in week-long groups, identifying patterns of communication during and after appropriate work hours. Advanced Discovery then applied a proprietary Sexual Harassment Taxonomy that included sample text and concepts describe inappropriate patterns of behavior. The taxonomy comparison returned 893 documents that were indicative of potential sexual harassment.

A report was sent to the client highlighting specific instances of the manager engaging in inappropriate conversations with the former employee, such as sexual jokes, advances, and descriptions of employees unsuitable for the workplace. The analysis uncovered additional inappropriate conversations with other employees who had not come forward – a strong indicator that this was not an isolated incident.

The Results

Within two days of the initial complaint, the client was able to determine that there was indeed evidence to support the complaint. The supervisor was let go and the client quickly settled the case, avoiding unnecessary litigation and mitigating future risk of continued harassment.  Advanced Discovery’s client wanted to  understand the situation before moving forward with processing, hosting and a full review of the supervisor’s electronic data.

By using Riskcovery, the client was able to get an early indication of the accuracy of the accusations and make an early, data-driven decision based on the facts of the case.  What could have taken weeks to uncover in a linear review process was done quickly and efficiently to minimize risk and business impact.

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Riskcovery Case Study

Riskcovery Case Study - High School Harassment

Seeing Is Believing

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of Sexual Harassment
Goes Unreported at Work

Introducing Riskcovery's New Sexual Harassment Taxonomy

Identify and assess patterns of inappropriate workplace behavior within an organization’s electronically stored information (ESI).

Our new sexual harassment taxonomy is one of several Riskcovery conceptual analytic templates, including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Departed Employee Protocol.

Advanced Discovery expert advisors can also consult to create custom taxonomy templates to address a company’s specific GRC requirements.



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